Recycled Home Decor

By restoring old furniture, renewing dated appliance and re-using household items that you already have, you can save yourself a bunch of money and give your home a fresh, new look.

Updated Kitchen Appliances in Stainless Steel FinishMany people do not realize the money-saving DIY home decor options that they have. These do-it-yourself decorating projects can also seem intimidating and complex, but many are actually quite simple, even for the average person.

Updating Kitchen Appliances for Cheap

For example, did you know that you can paint your dated kitchen appliances with a fresh coat of paint? There are special paints you can use for ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators that can turn them into modern stainless-steel appliances for less than $100!

Alternatively, you can use inexpensive chalkboard paint on your fridge (in any color) to give your kitchen a more creative and fun look. Paint it to match your cabinetry or stand out to create a focal point in the room.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Speaking of cabinetry, you can re-finish or paint them yourself instead of buying new cabinets or putting up with old ugly ones. This, of course, is a larger job, but the completed look can be well worth it – and at a fraction of the price.

One way to really spruce up cabinets can be as easy as using a different color or shade of paint on the upper cabinet and lower ones. Switching out outdated fixtures for new ones can have the same effect. It costs less, but can have just as much impact, and it’s a project that most people can easily do themselves.

Creative Ideas for Re-Using Containers

Instead of tossing your old glass jars or plastic bottles in the recycle bin, is there something else you might be able to use them for? You might be surprised. In fact, some ideas are so simple and obvious that that might never occur to you.

Glass Jars

Glass jars can be cleaned and re-used to store food, craft or office items, they can create fun gift containers or transform into creative and functional home decor like table centerpieces, planters and more. Don’t overlook the fact that you can paint the glass or glue glass pebbles or mirrored pieces to the exterior to completely conceal the fact that the jar is… well, a jar.

glass jars with preserved cucumbersIn addition to being beautiful, glass containers can also be functional. For example, many people use them to grow sprouts. Large-mouthed jars can be easily cleaned, sanitized and re-used over and over for no cost, so they make the perfect addition to the organic sprout farmer’s supply kit.

If you’re not a sprout-eater, you can make your own flavored vinegars quite easily, start pickling vegetables, ferment homemade sauerkraut or simply store panty items or spices in these handy see-through, re-sealable containers.

Plastic Bottles

Large plastic bottles are perfect for making low-maintenance self-watering containers for plants, and many people have even transformed them into cheap vertical gardens that can be hung along backyard fences and take up very little space. Here are 15 more creative ways to re-use plastic bottles that you might have not thought of, including using them as light shades over colored led string lights!